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Vendor Benchmarking

The vendor review process can be time-consuming, confusing, and may lack transparency. Standard vendor-provided proposals seldom include enough information to fully determine administrative capabilities, fiduciary or employee services and adequate fee disclosure.

Through LPL Financial, we have access to SearchPro which utilizes Pathfinder data to create an independent, unbiased provider analysis and benchmarking tool. It streamlines, validates and documents a prudent vendor section process.

Comprehensive Methodology

Customize your search according to the specific criteria most important to you. Ratings and consulting research cover the following categories:

Validate the Decision-Making Process

Pathfinder provides access to the latest in provider search technology and research. It reduces the amount of time needed to review provider finalists, while ensuring all facets of their capabilities and rankings are considered.

With SearchPro and ClearPoint Financial, you gain access to the data you need to locate a suitable provider for your plan.