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Fiduciary Services

Our clients wear many professional hats. And while they may spend the least amount of their time on retirement plan issues, their fiduciary role exposes them to personal risk.

ClearPoint Financial offers fiduciary support programs that seek to deliver risk management for plan fiduciaries through independent guidance and monitoring.

We can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Preparation of an Investment Policy Statement
  • Benchmarking of investment provider fees and expenses
  • Training of investment committee members regarding duties and obligations
  • Investment analytics which tie directly to the thresholds established in the Investment Policy Statement
  • Investment committee guidance to prudently select and monitor investment options
  • Documentation process, to include corporate minutes and internal control file
  • Electronic backup of ongoing plan related documentation
  • Detailed employee communications calendar

Fiduciary services provided for advisory relationships. Download our free Plan Sponsor and Participant Guides!